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GPNewsFlash – January 2017

Screening Every Patient for Sleep Apnea: The Obligation of Every Dentist

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“I believe that it is the obligation of every dentist to understand the basics of Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB), screen every patient in their practice for SDB, and become part of the patient’s care when it is appropriate,” said Dr.

GPNewsFlash April 2016

  • CAGD President Dr. Howard Chi shares the core values of the AGD
  • 2016 CAGD annual meeting held at the Fairmont Hotel in Newport Beach
    in January
  • The CAGD Hands-on Experience: Implant hands-on is very close to reality
  • The learning potentials in your neighborhood
    I-Integrating Implant Dentistry into General Practice
    II- One-piece Dental Implant Placement in Narrow Ridges/Spaces
  • CAGD’s GP News (printed magazine, March 2016 issue)
    is now available online

CAGD President Dr.

GPNewsFlash December 2015

  • CAGD Masters at AGD SF 2015: So sad it’s over, logo on the toe nail,
    and wonderful journey!
  • A successful Fall CE event in November sets the stage for the upcoming
    CAGD Annual Meeting in Newport Beach in January 2016
  • CAGD FellowTrack Leadership Conference 2015
  • CAGD’s GP News (printed newsletter, September 2015 issue)
    is available online
  • The Academy of General Dentistry:
    The voice of general dentists, the voice for you
  • The Academy of General Dentistry’s Advocacy Efforts
  • Mark your calendar and join the AGD in Boston 2016

CAGD Masters at AGD SF 2015
So sad it’s over, logo on the toe nail, and wonderful journey!

GPNewsFlash September 2015

Highlights from the AGD Annual Meeting 2015 in San Francisco:

  • Dubbing into the fortress of Invisalign
  • Dentist’s Advantage points out professional liability study results
  • CAGD awardees (FAGD, MAGD, and LLSR) honored during reception
  • Efficiency is the cornerstone for a successful PPO practice
  • CAGD delegates in action

CAGD’s upcoming Fall Meeting in November

Disclosure: GPNewsFlash Editor Dr.…

GPNewsFlash June 2015

  • Choosing a Dental Practice Model: An Important Part
    of Strategic Planning
  • Attention CAGD members! It is not too late to register
    for the AGD 2015 in San Francisco
  • Building an Exceptional Team Is Key to Employee Safety,
    Patient Safety, and Patient Service.

GPNewsFlash March 2015

  • CAGD President Dr. Sireesha Penumetcha speaks and acts from the heart
  • Member Spotlight: Dr. Vera Fristch (San Leandro) and
    Dr. Jeremy Lansferd (Paso Robles)
  • CAGD annual meeting held at the Historic Memorial Club
    in San Francisco in January
  • Join us at the AGD 2015 San Francisco:
    It is packed with activities for everyone
  • Imagine that you can’t treat your wife, husband, or partner!

GPNewsFlash December 2014

  • A successful Fall CE event in November sets the stage for the
    upcoming annual CE event in January 2015
  • CAGD sponsors study club CE events in Vacaville and Paso Robles
  • CAGD’s local components meet the CE needs of their members
  • CAGD remodels its website with new look and simplified menus
  • Moments from the past: CAGD history page created on website
    with photos as early as 1972

A successful Fall CE event in November sets the stage for the upcoming annual CE event in January 2015


GPNewsFlash October 2014

  • How has the AGD been supporting you to place implants?
  • Advocacy simply starts by asking questions
  • CAGD members in the AGD arena: Dr. Eric Wong upholds
    the standards of the PACE process
  • CAGD’s GPNews (printed magazine, September 2014 issue)
    is now available online
  • How does the AGD House of Delegates work?

GPNewsFlash August 2014

  • The AGD Picks up the Fight on Oral Cancer:
    AGD invites Eric Statler and sets up an oral cancer screening clinic
    at the 2014 Annual Meeting in Detroit
  • Eric Statler, a Stage IV Oral Cancer Survivor, Increases Awareness
    of this Deadly Disease
  • Top Quality CE at ADG Annual Meeting 2014:

GPNewsFlash June 2014

  • Four Asset Protection Considerations for Dental Professionals
  • Why Attend the AGD Annual Meeting 2014
  • CAGD’s GP News (printed magazine, May, 2014 issue) Is Now Available Online
  • Share What the CAGD Is Doing on Behalf of the General Dentist with Your Colleagues
  • Thanks to GPNewsFlash Contributors

Four Asset Protection Considerations for Dental Professionals

As a dentist who owns your own practice, you try to operate your business according to the letter of the law.…

GPNewsFlash April 2014

  • Watch how the AGD has enriched the careers of many dentists
  • Do you CAD/CAM yet?
  • Interim Therapeutic Restoration in Assembly Bill 1174: The entry point to mid -level
  • CAGD past presidents Dr. Guy Acheson and Dr. Bill Langstaff testified on behalf of the general dentist regarding AB1174 at the Dental Board of California meeting on February 27, 2014
  • Does it matter that the grass may be greener on the other side?

GPNewsFlash February 2014

  • CAGD Position on Assembly Bill 1174 (Teledentistry under Medi-Cal)
  • Adjuncts to Facilitate the Healing of Dental Extraction Sites
  • Meet and Connect with Your CAGD 2014 Leaders
  • CAGD 2014 Annual Meeting: Continuing education and fellowship
  • Dealing with Common Management Problems in Dental Practices

The California AGD’s Position on Assembly Bill 1174 (Teledentistry under Medi-Cal)

Passed by the CAGD Board of Directors on 01/24/2014

The California Academy of General Dentistry’s position on AB1174 is to support, if amended as stated below:

The California Academy of General Dentistry (CAGD) believes this bill should focus on establishing teledentistry as a billable and reimbursable service in the Medi-Cal program.…

GPNewsFlash December 2013

  • Managing Failing RCTs: Case selection of Retreatment vs. Apicoectomy vs.Extraction
  • “ENDER’S GAME”: Success Lessons from Hollywood
  • 2014 CAGD Annual Meeting January 25 and 26
  • AGD News: AGD Auto-Renewal, Member Savings and Offers, Win a Trip to Hawaii

Managing Failing RCTs: Case Selection of Retreatment vs.

GPNewsFlash October 2013

Mesiodens Surgical Complications, The Restorative Role of Dental Hygienists in General Practice, The Birth of The CAGD and its Affiliation with The AGD, CAGD Board Meeting: CAGD Supports CDA, CAGD Dentists in the AGD Arena

Mesiodens Surgical Complications: Need for careful diagnosis, treatment planning and a safe surgical approach.

GPNewsFlash August 2013

Socket Preservation & Bone Grafting Materials
A Case Report by Alan Golshanara D.D.S., M.A.G.D., F.I.C.O.I.

The following case report focuses on a technique that maximizes anterior esthetic results by creating an ideal emergence profile utilizing proper socket preservation.

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
A 48-year old patient presented with a vertical root fracture on tooth #8, which was previously endodontically treated and had a full coverage crown restoration (Fig.…

GPNewsFlash June 2013

Obstructive Sleep Apnea – Simple Screening for the Dentist
By Leslie Silverman, DDS

Saving lives and improving marriages are not traditional roles of the dental practitioner. But, dentists who help patients to manage a common sleep disorder called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), can play a vital part in improving the health and quality of life of their patients.…

GPNewsFlash May 2013

Suspect a Crack?…. What Does it Take to Reach a Definitive Diagnosis? – by Samer S. Alassaad, DDS

Tooth cracks can be evaluated by transillumination (Fig 1), staining with dyes such as methylene blue dye (Fig 2), tactile examination with a sharp explorer (Fig 3) and magnification.…

GPNewsFlash Mar 2013

Like before Love – by Dr. Edward Zuckerberg

You’ve left the dinosaur era. No more print ads, yellow pages, Val-paks, Pennysavers or direct mail campaigns. You’ve just eliminated $10,000 from your advertising budget and are ready to go full swing electronic marketing.…

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