Mastership Award

The Mastership of Academy of General Dentistry Award

The MAGD is the AGDs highest honor and one of the most respected designations within the profession!

To earn this award, you have to complete 1,100 hours of continuing dental education. Much of the continuing education is hands on, performing specific types of treatment in all aspects of general dentistry while under supervision of AGD qualified educators. Since this award requires an extraordinary amount of time and effort, you will be commended for your unflagging commitment to continuing education, which allows you to provide the best possible dental care and oral health education to your patients.

As a Mastership Award recipient, you will join more than 2,300 active national AGD Masters who have gone above and beyond the basic requirements to care for their patients oral health.

Check the MAGD Awards requirements and apply for the MAGD Award to receive your award at an AGD convocation ceremony, held during an AGD annual meeting.

Successful candidates are allowed three years following approval to complete this requirement.

The Mastertrack program is limited in availability since it’s only open to join every four years!

We are now running our MT5 class which is the fifth offering in the 20 years California has been offering Mastertrack credentials. Our current MT5 class is full, however it’s a good time to be early on the wait list for MT6!

From our new MT5 class, Dr. Hemant Joshi and Dr. Gagneet Grewal trying out digital cameras in Dr. Guy Acheson’s Mastertrack course.

Achieving Mastership is a professional designation within the Academy of General Dentistry beyond Fellowship and reflects a general dentist’s on-going commitment to provide quality care through education. 

The California Academy of General Dentistry offers a MasterTrack program to satisfy the requirements for the hard to obtain 400 hands-on hours required to earn this award.  What you achieve through this program will be yours for a lifetime. Participants will combine lecture material with work done in their offices to prepare a presentation for the group and the instructor.

Locating all the courses and units necessary to complete this requirement can be time consuming and expensive for individuals seeking to accomplish this outside of an organized MasterTrack program.  Doctors who have achieved Mastership on their own have estimated that it took them over ten years at a cost of over $50,000. That is why the CAGD has organized the subjects and arranged for excellent speakers at a convenient location, all at a very affordable price.

Courses and curriculum are scheduled a year in advance to accommodate your schedule.  The four-year program is held twice a year for four days, Thursday through Sunday.  The current cost of a school year is $3800 (the cost is subject to change in the future).

Join your other colleagues and form lifetime friendships in the next Master Track program.

MasterTrack 6 is now open for limited registrations!

From a Graduate MAGD:

“It seems like only yesterday that forty nervous dentists introduced themselves to each other at the   breakfast table of the Waterfront Hotel in Oakland. That was in October of 2010. Now, four years later, the California AGD’s current MasterTrack four-year section came to an end on October 11, 2014. It has been a wonderful four years. We have traveled through so many life-changing personal and career experiences during this time. We have developed professional skills that we may not have sought to achieve without the encouragement of our MasterTrack peers. The good times will not come to an end. We will all remain best of friends and continue to push the limits of our intellectual curiosity to serve the profession of dentistry.”

Shanthi Madireddi, DDS, FAGD, Los Altos Hills (GPNews, January 2015)