President’s Message

DR. KIRK HOBOCK San Juan Capistrano

DR. KIRK HOBOCK San Juan Capistrano

A Happy New Year to all our members and supporters.

I am looking forward to working with all of you as 2018 promises to be an exciting year.

Together, we can work on the best solutions to the challenges both known and unknown that we will doubtless face over the coming months. As CAGD members, we appreciate the importance of quality continuing education and our commitment to lifelong learning. We also appreciate the importance of advocacy to maintain our ability to use the knowledge and skills that have been gained through our continuing education. This not only benefits general dentists, but ultimately our patients and our profession.

The CAGD has an excellent future and the CAGD Board will work hard to ensure that we remain the center of excellence and knowledge for the wider dental community. As part of that weʼll be focusing on the following:
◆ Continuing to provide high quality courses that maintain your commitment to lifelong learning and assist those who pursue Fellowship (FAGD) and Mastership (MAGD) in the Academy of General Dentistry.
◆ Remaining ever vigilant and prepared to react to threats from outside forces to limit our ability to practice within the scope of our training, education and ethics.
◆ Ensuring we continue to provide the right benefits to meet the needs of existing members and to attract and engage new members across our region.
◆ Organizing and developing local study groups to build on relationships and provide great opportunities for professional networking among CAGD dentists.
◆ Making sure that the CAGD remains a viable organization for our young professionals.
◆ Reviewing CAGD’s structure to support, and reflect, our increasingly broadened activities and ensure that we are in the strongest position to develop new activities. I’m very proud to be in the privileged position to lead the CAGD in this important work and in continuing the excellence of previous presidents. General dentistry is ever-changing. The need and the will for co-operation is growing. I wish to expand on this willingness and help more professionals profit from it. I hope you will all join me in looking forward to the coming year. On behalf of my fellow board members and staff, I wish you and your family a prosperous New Year. Reasons to join the AGD:
◆ Commitment to life-long learning through quality continuing education
◆ Professional development
◆ Networking
◆ Award-winning publications

Sincerely, Kirk

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