CAGD Committees

CAGD Advisors & Committees


Advocacy Advisor: Dr. Mike Bromberg

Dental Education Advisor: Dr. Eric Wong

Dental Practice Advisor: Dr. Anita Rathee

Communication Advisor: Dr. Chethan Chetty

Membership Advisor: Dr. Chethan Chetty

Parliamentary Advisor: Dr. Jay Thompson


Advocacy Committee:

Chair: Dr. Mike Bromberg


  1. Dental Practice: Dr. Anita Rathee (Chair)
  2. WatchDog: Dr. Guy Acheson (Chair)
  3. Public Information Officer: Dr. Harriet Seldin

Awards Committee

  1. Chair: Dr. Anita Rathee
  2. Dr. Mike Bromberg
  3. Dr. Robert Hubbert
  4. Dr. Guy Acheson
  5. Dr. Eric Wong

Budget and Finance Committee:

  1. Treasurer/Chair: Dr. Darrell Chun
  2. Past Treasurer and President Elect: Dr. Ricardo Suarez

Communication Committee:

  1. Chair and GPNews Editor: Dr. Robert Hubbert
  2. Website Editor: Dr. Samer Alassaad
  3. Social Media Editor: Dr. Chirag Vaid
  4. CAGD Communication Advisor: Dr. Chethan Chetty

Continuing Dental Education Committee

  1. 2019 Fall Meeting and 2020 Annual Meeting/Co-Chair: Dr. Samer Alassaad
  2. 2020 Fall Meeting and 2021 Annual Meeting/C0-Chair: Dr. Ricardo Suarez
  3. Director/MasterTrack: Dr. Rich Ringrose (NCAGD)
  4. Director/Pathway to Fellowship: Dr. Kirk Hobock (SDAGD)
  5. PACE Approval: Dr. Mark Yamamoto (SCAGD)
  6. CAGD Dental Education Advisor: Dr. Eric Wong (SSAGD)
  7. Sponsorship Coordinator: Dr. Evan Farr (SCAGD)

FellowTrack Committee:

  1. Mentors Coordinator: Dr. Cheryl Goldasich

USC Mentor: Dr. Cheryl Goldasich

  1. UCSF: Dr. Gurrinder Atwal
  2. UOP: Dr. Thien Vu & Dr. Phil Buchanan
  3. LLU: Dr. Robert Fritz 
  4. UCLA: Dr. Alison Ozaki
  5. Western U: Dr. Gary Pape

Investment Committee:

  1. Chair: Dr. Ricardo Suarez (Immediate Past Treasurer)
  2. Dr. Darrel Chung (Treasurer)
  3. Dr. Steve Skurow
  4. Dr. Jay Thompson

Membership Committee:

  1. Chair: Zeynep Barakat
  2. NCAGD President: Dr. Thien Vu
  3. SCAGD President: Dr. Jenna Lau
  4. SDAGD President: Dr. Michael Yamane
  5. SSAGD President: Dr. Robert Freitas
  6. CAGD Membership Advisor: Dr. Chethan Chetty

Nominating Committee:

  1. Chair: Dr. William Kushner (Immediate Past President)
  2. Dr. Chethan Chetty (Past President)
  3. Dr. Kirk Hobock (Past President)
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