CAGD Delegates

CAGD Delegates to the AGD Annual House of Delegates Meeting

CAGD officers and delegates represent you each year at the AGD Annual House of Delegate (HOD) meeting where policies that support your general practice are voted on. For example, one of the resolutions approved at the HOD meeting in 2016 reads:

Resolved that the AGD supports qualified dentists providing treatment for obstructive sleep apnea with custom, titratable oral appliances when prescribed by a referring physician. And be it further resolved; that the AGD supports dentists in the oversight of patients in appliance therapy for obstructive sleep apnea in conjunction with a sleep physician to improve or confirm treatment efficacy.

The HOD is the legislative body of the AGD. The HOD can amend the AGD Constitution and Bylaws, and determine the policies that govern the AGD in all its activities except those which are specifically delegated in the Bylaws to other AGD agencies.

The HOD 200 representatives act on behalf of the members within their constituents during the AGD Annual House of Delegates meeting each year. The first day of the AGD annual meeting is the opening session of HOD where all new policies and changes to existing policies are presented. During the second day, delegates from each region meet separately to discuss the proposed amendments. The HOD votes on all amendments on the third day during the closing session.

The number of delegates from each constituent correlates to the number of AGD members within that constituent. California, one of the 62 AGD constituents and with 2,176 members, annually sends 13 delegates and has 3 alternate delegates.