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Covid-19 Assistance Relief

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic affected every dental practice in America. Here in California, an unprecedented shutdown led to fear and uncertainty for dental practice owners. In addition to a concern for their health and the health of their families, the shutdown led to a concern for their financial futures and their staff's financial futures. Thankfully, we quickly saw numerous, much-needed programs open to help protect business owners. These programs provided financial assistance to keep dental practices afloat over the past year and a half. However, their quick rollout led to confusion. How should these funds be used? Are they taxable? What reporting requirements do they have? Below we will answer these questions and more regarding these assistance relief programs.

The painful transition period in sedation regulations

The BIG NEWS from the November Dental Board of California (DBC) meeting is the results of two studies of pediatric dental sedation deaths and changes to sedation regulations and permits. There are new definitions of levels of sedation, there are new names for sedation permits, new requirements for personnel and training, and of course new fees. It is going to be a painful transition period for dentists who do sedation.

What to expect from CAGD in 2022? – A Presidents Message

In my time with the California Academy of General Dentistry, never has this organization’s leadership, resolve and overall ethical fiber been tested more than in this past year. With time, we can look back at the direction that was taken, the decisions that were made, and adverse events that happened (or were prevented). We are not out of the woods yet, but from my perspective, past presidents Dr. Ricardo Suarez and Dr. Samer Alassad navigated the waters with clear heads, patience, and purposefulness for our organization. I owe a great debt to them for paving the way for what I hope to accomplish.