AGD Advocacy

AGD Advocacy Commitment on Behalf of the General Dentist

We are watching out for your general private practice

Entities from within and out of the profession have been attempting to place limits on procedures that general dentists were capable of and licensed to perform as well as attempting to place unreasonable burdens on our ability to perform those and other procedures. It was obvious that Advocacy for the AGD had to become a priority.

The Academy of General Dentistry, long recognized for excellence in all aspects of continuing education with attainable goals of Fellowship and Mastership (FAGD and MAGD) since it was founded in 1952, has come to the conclusion that it was necessary for the AGD to also focus on representing the needs, interests, issues and concerns of general dentists. Hence, the advocacy arm of the AGD was formed, which constitutes of two fully-functioning councils active in this area: The Council on Dental Practice and The Council on Legislation and Governmental Affairs. On a daily basis, these two councils confront the issues that general dentists face or will face in their private practices.

In light of that, AGD members from across the nation meet in Washington, D.C. on Hill Day and interact with legislators, regulators and lobbyists to discuss and attempt to influence the direction of legislative factors affecting dentistry generally and general dentistry, specifically.

Some of the issues the AGD Advocacy Council on Dental Practice deals with are:

  • Evidence Based Dentistry: Some definitions are being used by certain carriers to limit or deny benefits to our patients.
  • Sedation performed by general dentists
  • Mid-level dental providers
  • Third Party Issues: Complaints and disagreements from general dentists against some carriers
  • Discrimination: By some carriers towards general dentists performing certain procedures

Some of the issues the AGD Advocacy Council on Legislation and Governmental Affairs deals with are:

  • Opting out or Opting in Medicare
  • Obamacare: a 2.3 percent tax on medical devices contained within the Affordable Care Act which has increased the prices on certain materials, supplies and equipment sold to dental practices.
  • Antitrust Exemption afforded to carriers but not to other businesses
  • Student Debt Refinancing and Repayment
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