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A Proper Examination, Surgical Removal of Maxillary & Mandibular Impacted 3rd Molars, Erupted 3rd Molars and Retained Roots, Surgical Removal of Cysts,Soft and Bony Tissues & Hyperplastic Tissue, Surgical Removal of Soft-Tissue Tumors & Fibromas, Surgical Removal of Torus Palatinus,Torus Mandibularis and sharp Mylohyoid Ridges. Surgical Exposure of Impacted Canines for Pre-Orthodontic Treatment, Frenectomies, Lingual Frenectomies (ankyloglossia), Incision & Drainage of Abscesses, Effective Mandibular Block Techniques,Post – Operative treatment, Dry Sockets and Useful Medications. After taking this course most general dentists will have the confidence and skill to perform all of the surgical techniques taught in this seminar. THIS HAS THE POTENTIAL TO SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE YOUR OFFICE INCOME.
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