CAGD Committees

Committee Appointments for 2017

Committees Established per CAGD Bylaws:

Dr. Howard Chi, Immediate Past President; Chair for the 2018 Slate of Officers.
Dr. Sireesha Penumetcha
Dr. Steve Lockwood
Dr. Eric Wong

Responsibilities and Structure per Bylaws:

Section 2. NOMINATING COMMITTEE—–The Nominating Committee may consist of at least one (1) past-president and two (2) appointed members with the Immediate Past President as the Chairman. This committee shall be appointed by the Immediate Past President of the CAGD or elected by the CAGD Board of Directors at least sixty (60) days before an annual election meeting.

The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of officers, including that of President, President Elect, Vice President, Secretary and/or Treasurer and the Editor in writing to the general membership at least sixty (60) days before the election meeting. The committee shall also present names for advisory officers, Regional Director and National Trustee. Nominations may be made from the floor at the annual meeting of the CAGD. Election may be by voice ballot, private ballot, or a show of hands for the CAGD Officers. The Regional Director and National Trustee election shall follow the guidelines outlined in these Bylaws. The nominee for office receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected.


Dr. Jay Thompson, Treasurer, Chair
Dr. Ricardo Suarez
Dr. Steve Skurow
Dr. Kirk Hobock

Responsibilities and Structure per Bylaws:

Section 3. BUDGET AND FINANCE COMMITTEE—–The budget and finance committee shall be the general fiscal and budget agency of the CAGD.
The CAGD Treasurer shall chair this committee and have the right to call meetings. The committee shall prepare an annual budget and determine how best to conserve and invest the CAGD funds, and shall submit an annual budget to the Board of Directors for their consideration and approval.


Dr. Chethan Chetty—–2017 Annual Meeting (SCAGD)
Dr. Kirk Hobock, Chair—-2017 Fall Meeting and 2018 Annual Meeting (SDAGD)
Dr. Howard Chi—–AGD PACE Council (SSAGD)
Dr. Rich Ringrose—–Director, MasterTrack Courses (NCAGD)
Dr. William Kushner—-2019 Annual Meeting (SSAGD)
Dr. Richard Ringrose—–Director, MasterTrack Dr. Mark Yamamoto—–PACE Approval (SCAG
Dr. Mark Yamamoto—–PACE Approval (SCAGD)

CONTINUING DENTAL EDUCATION COMMITTEE (continued) Responsibilities and Structure per Bylaws:

Each component of the CAGD shall have a continuing dental education committee representative and the chairman of the CAGD continuing dental education committee shall be appointed by the president. The council shall guide and evaluate continuing education opportunities in the State and shall act as a liaison between program providers and members of the CAGD. Program approval shall be performed through this committee.

Dr. Ricardo Suarez (SCAGD), Chair
Dr. Paul Schafer (NCAGD)
Dr. Eric Lewis (SDAGD)
Dr. Arden Kwong (SSAGD)
Dr. Samer Alassaad

Responsibilities and Structure per Bylaws:

Section 5. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE—–The membership committee shall consist of a chairman and three (3) to six (6) members selected by the president. This committee shall consider applications for membership.
It shall assume the responsibility for an ongoing membership recruitment campaign. It shall further provide guidelines for accepting and retaining members into the CAGD.

Non-CAGD Bylaws Committees

Advocacy Committee—Dr. Mike Bromberg, Chair Sub-Committees:

Dental Practice Committee—Dr. Anita Rathee, Chair WatchDog Committee—Dr. Guy Acheson, Chair Public Information Officer—Dr. Harriet Seldin, Chair

Communications Committee—Dr. Robert Hubbert, Chair GP News, Editor


GPNewsFlash—Dr. Samer Alassaad, Editor Social Media—Dr. Chirag Vaid, Editor

Investment Committee—Dr.Kirk Hobock, Chair Dr. Jay Thompson, Dr. Mike Lew

Bylaws Information: The CAGD President serves as a non-voting con- sultant on all CAGD committees and to appoint committee chairs unless otherwise stated in the bylaws. The CAGD President Elect serves as a consultant to all committees with the right to vote.

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